Time Games

Hi 5B,

Ms McGowan found these games to help us practice converting between 12 and 24 hour time and solving problems about elapsed time.

Have a go and let me know what you think?!




Do you have any tricks or tips to share about 12 and 24 hour time?

Mr Cooper


Hi 5B,

In writing we have been learning about alliteration!
Alliteration is when words in a row or close together have the same beginning sound. 

e.g. lazy lizards like licking lollipops or crazy Caroline cooks crocodiles and cockatoos 

We used alliteration to write these perfect pirate poems! Check them out!

Why do you think authors use alliteration?

What were some of the really interesting words you used in your poem?

Happy blogging,

Mr Cooper

Our Place in Space

Welcome to Term 3!

We have such a busy term coming up. The school musical is going to be so much fun and our Integrated Unit on Space will fill your minds with amazing facts.

Here is a little challenge for you all. Post one hugely interesting fact about Space in the comments below and then pretty soon we will know 23 facts, wow!!

Make sure you read the comments so you don’t post the same fact as a classmate.

Happy researching,

Mr Cooper.

Welcome Back!

Hi 5B,

Welcome back to a new exciting term in grade 5. I hope that you all had a great holiday. I didn’t do much in my holidays, I stayed at home and played with my dog George and read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies!

This term we have lots to look forward to, we have started our new topic for the term which is called ‘Our Australia’. We will be visiting Sovereign Hill on Wednesday 27th April, cross country training begins this week, grade 5 and 6 interschool sports also begins soon. We will also be writing narrative and persuasive texts, continuing CAFE reading and exploring volume and capacity in maths.

What did you do in the school holidays?

What are you looking forward to this term?

Happy Blogging as always,

Mr Cooper :-)


Area and perimeter!

Hi 5B,

Our maths focus at the moment is learning how to calculate the area and perimeter of different shapes. So far we have looked at squares, rectangles and compound shapes.

Area is the size of a surface – the amount of space a shape covers

Perimeter is the total distance around a shape

Everyone worked really hard on calculating the area and perimeter of their names. It was great to see all of you working well and starting to show that you understand how to calculate area and perimeter. The names you created look amazing!

Remember, when we are calculating the area of a compound shape, the best thing to do is break up the shape into different parts.


What shapes can you measure the area of at home?

What tips and tricks can you share with your classmates about how to calculate area and perimeter?

Can you calculate the area of this compound shape?


compound shape


Happy calculating!

Mr Cooper and Miss Cullen J


Term 4 Begins!

Hi 5B,

We are back at school for an action packed term 4! I hope everyone had a super holiday and that you had fun spending time with your family.

I had a great trip back to New Zealand for my nephew’s first birthday.  The most exciting thing that happened in my holidays was that Mr Jury and I launched our new childrens book. We have been writing a counting book for toddlers over the past 5 months and it is called Hipster Harry Counts. The process of writing a book has been a lot of work but we have enjoyed everything from writing, designing, collaborating and now marketing and selling! We were taking notes from the grade 5s during the Earn and Learn program to help us with selling :-)

This term is going to be very busy! Here are just a few things to look forward to:

  • Excursion to Parliament House and Old Melbourne Gaol
  • School Walkathon
  • Visit to Brighton Cemetery
  • Swimming program at Waves
  • Class Parliament
  • Your Vote Counts unit of inquiry
  • House swimming carnival
  • School concert
  • Poetry slams
  • Young Leaders Program
  • Leadership speeches

I can’t believe it is already the last term for 2015! I hope you all have fun and challenge yourself in your last term in grade 5!




Happy and safe blogging as always

Mr Cooper


Hi 5B,

Welcome back to term 3! We have a very busy term ahead with Earn & Learn, a history based unit titled ‘Our Australia’ and a problem solving focus in maths. We will also be continuing our work with CAFE Reading and Daily 5.

Our reading focus this week is on the strategy ‘ask questions during the reading process’. We discussed how good readers are asking questions constantly in their head while reading to help them engage with the text, figure out new words or even help them understand what they are reading. As a class we decided that there isn’t a certain spot when readers ask questions but that it happens all the time.

To practice this strategy we watched this video from Behind the News about Ramadan. Watch it below.

We asked questions before, during and after watching. Here are some of our questions:


  • Where does it take place? Charlotte
  • When does Ramadan take place? Hugo
  • How long does Ramadan go for? Swairi


  • If you are sick do you still have to fast? Keren
  • Do all Muslims fast? Romy


  • Are there special clothes that they need to wear? Ben
  • When do they wake up to eat breakfast? Millie

We all learned a lot and found the article very interesting! We have been practicing this strategy all week in our reading.

Happy blogging,

Mr Cooper

What other questions did you have about Ramadan?

Do you find this strategy useful?

What important events do you celebrate with your family?

Angle Hunt!

Hi bloggers!

This week in maths we are learning to name, draw and measure angles.

  • An acute angle is an angle that is less than 90 degrees
  • A right angle is 90 degrees exactly
  • An obtuse angle is between 90 and 180 degrees
  • A straight line or a straight angle is exactly 180 degrees
  • A reflex angle is greater than 180 degrees
  • A full revolution is exactly 360 degrees

This website explains everything very clearly http://www.mathsisfun.com/angles.html

We learned an angle dance to help us remember the names and sizes of the different angles and then went on an ‘angle hunt’ in the classroom and found out that there were angles of all shapes and sizes everywhere in our classroom! Have a look at the slideshow below which has photos of just a few angles that we found.

Next week we will practice drawing and measuring the different angles,

Happy blogging,
Mr Cooper

What angles can you see in the slideshow above?

What angles can you find in your own home?

Do  you have any tips that help you remember the names of the different angles?


Hi 5B,

Our grammar focus today was on verbs and adverbs.

A verb is an action word e.g. Sarah baked a cake, Mr Smith swam in the ocean, Mary rang her mum on the phone.

We then did a hunt in the newspaper for all the verbs we could find, have a look at our posters below!


Miss Janover then taught us all about adverbs. An adverb is a word that describes or gives us information  about a verb. Watch the video below to jog your memory!

Did you find it challenging to find verbs in the newspaper?

Have you got any tips on how to remember if a word is a verb?

Write an interesting sentence using a verb and adverb. See if you can identify the verb or adverb in each others sentences.

Happy blogging,

Mr Cooper &  Miss Janover

Volume & Capacity

Hi bloggers,

In maths at the moment we are learning about volume and capacity.

Volume is the amount of space taken up by something.

Capacity is the amount a container can hold e.g. a coffee cup, a jug, a drink bottle, a bucket.

Capacity is measured in milliliters (ml) or liters (l) and 1000 ml equals 1 l.

Today we practised reading and recording the capacity of different objects. Have a go at these online games to practice what we learned in class.

measurement gamecapacity game

Find some items around the home and use a jug to measure their capacity and share in the comments below!

Happy blogging,

Mr Cooper